HIVERT Water-cooled Medium Voltage Drive
HIVERT Water-cooled Medium Voltage Drive
HIVERT Water-cooled Medium Voltage Drive Cabinet
HIVERT Water-cooled Medium Voltage Drive Power Cell
HIVERT Water-cooled Medium Voltage Drive Transformer Cabinet

HIVERT Water-cooled Medium Voltage Drive

Hiconics is the first manufacturer of water-cooling equipment in China. We have following strength which make us suitable for a variety of motors and loads:

- Low fault rate 

- Full digital control system: a variety of control mode, multilingual user interface

- perfect harmonic and high pressure since the launch of losing electricity

- speed start function

- instantaneous power failure protection function

- high pressure electric technology

- grid synchronization on soft switching technology

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Different Models of HIVERT Water-cooled Medium Voltage Drive

Composition of HIVERT Water-cooled Medium Voltage Drive

Hiconics water-cooled VFD is mainly composed of: 

1. Water-cooled air conditioning tank

2. Phase shifter transformer

3. Power cell cabinet

4. Control cabinet

5. Circulating pure water-cooled cabinet (hereinafter referred to as water cooling cabinet)

As shown in the picture:

Composition of HIVERT Water-cooled Medium Voltage Drive

Transformer cabinet 

Working principle

The transformer cabinet includes two parts: the transformer cabinet and the water-cooled air-conditioning cabinet, as shown in Figures 3 and 4. The water-cooled air-conditioning cabinet is used to cool the phase-shifting transformer, that is, the heat generated by the transformer is carried into the air duct by forced air cooling, and the collected The hot air passes through the heat exchanger and transfers the heat to the cooling water in the heat exchanger pipes for cooling, and the cooled air returns to the transformer cabinet, so that the temperature in the transformer cabinet is maintained within a certain range. At the same time, the cooling water flowing into the heat exchanger pipes absorbs heat and flows out from the outlet to take away the heat. When the temperature of the cooling water in the heat exchanger pipe is lower than 33℃, the indoor ambient temperature of the inverter after cooling (the temperature of the air outlet of the heat exchanger) can be maintained below 40℃, so as to ensure the stable operation environment of the inverter.


The cold source water flowing through the pipeline is equipped with instrument monitoring parameters, which can accurately display the temperature and flow parameters of the circulating water; 

There is an exhaust valve at the top of the heat exchanger, and a drain valve at the bottom of the heat exchanger, which can drain the circulating water and prevent freezing;

Temperature transmitters are set at the fan inlet position and the heat exchanger outlet position to monitor the ambient temperature of the transformer in real-time.

There are PT100 temperature sensors in the primary winding and secondary winding air duct of the phase-shifting transformer body to monitor the temperature in the transformer winding air duct in real-time.

HIVERT Water-cooled Medium Voltage Drive Transformer Cabinet

Power cell cabinet 

Power cell cooling method: water cooling is used as the main cooling method, and air cooling is the supplementary cooling method.

HIVERT Water-cooled Medium Voltage Drive Power Cell Cabinet

Program and Features

The unit cooling water pipes are connected in parallel to ensure uniform flow distribution;

Independent unit electrolytic capacitor cooling air duct, the capacitor has low operating temperature and long life;

Adopt laminated busbar design, small parasitic inductance and compact unit structure;

The power unit radiator adopts a vacuum brazing type water-cooling radiator, and the water-cooling radiator water inlet and water outlet are double-cut quick joints, which is convenient for the replacement of the power unit;

The main pipeline of the power unit cabinet is made of stainless steel, and the rubber hose is used between the unit and the main pipeline to ensure the insulation of the unit.

Water cooling cabinet

HIVERT Water-cooled Medium Voltage Drive Principle

Working principle

Driven by the main circulating pump, the cooling water passes through the power unit radiator at a constant flow rate along the pipeline, continuously taking out heat. The inlet of the main circulating pump forms a closed circulating cooling system. The system control module automatically adjusts the heat exchange ratio according to the preset cooling water temperature value, thereby accurately controlling the water temperature.

Depending on the cooling capacity and on-site environmental conditions, the system can use various secondary heat exchange forms such as water-water, water-air, etc. to release heat into the environment.

Because the high-voltage inverter operates in a high-voltage environment, the cooling water must have a very high resistivity. Therefore, a deionized water treatment bypass is connected in parallel with the main circulating cooling circuit, and a certain proportion of the cooling water flows through the ion exchanger, which is continuously removed. Ions precipitated from equipment and pipelines. In order to keep the pressure of the pipeline constant and the cooling water full, and to buffer the volume change of the cooling water due to the temperature change, a buffer tank and a water replenishing device are set up in the system.

HIVERT Water-cooled Medium Voltage Drive Water Cooling Cabinet


- Good corrosion resistance: All components in the pipeline circuit are made of stainless steel

- The main circulating pump adopts redundant design and can be replaced and repaired online.

- Independent deionized water treatment bypass device

- Remote control: independent PLC monitoring system

- Comprehensive early warning protection function. For example: water leakage monitoring and alarm, condensation monitoring and control, water constant temperature control and high water temperature alarm, water conductivity monitoring and alarm, etc.

On-site operating conditions 

In the water-cooled inverter unit cabinet, in addition to the main electronic components on the water-cooling board, which are cooled by circulating water, there are other heating components such as electrolytic capacitors and connecting copper bars in the cabinet that generate heat. Therefore, a cooling fan is installed on the top of the unit cabinet to cool the unit cabinet The hot air inside is pumped into the environment, so the room where the water-cooled inverter is placed needs to be equipped with an air conditioner, and the cooling capacity of the air conditioner is 0.5% of the rated power of the inverter.

Installed in an independent closed space, and equipped with cooling air conditioners according to the capacity of the inverter. Air conditioner power selection formula:

P air conditioner = (P inverter (kVA) * 0.5%) / 2.5, unit hp.

5-32℃ cooling water source is provided on site, and its flow rate is related to the inverter capacity. If there is no cooling water source, secondary water cooling equipment can be provided when supplying.

Principle of HIVERT Water-cooled Medium Voltage Drive

Principle of HIVERT Water-cooled Medium Voltage Drive

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Hiconics with the newest generation VFD can provide different load types, different current scope of the power cells, which can meet most of the industrial and mining enterprises control requirements.

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