HIVERT HC4 General Medium Voltage Drive

HIVERT HC4 General Medium Voltage Drive

Hiconics's new generation of MV drives (medium-voltage VFD), with a full digital control system, a variety of control mode, multilingual user interface, perfect harmonic and high pressure since the launch of losing electricity, instantaneous power failure protection function, the resonance point or surge point jump function, high pressure electric technology, grid synchronization on soft switching technology, master-slave control technique, multi-motor servo technology, regenerative braking, braking energy, intelligent fault detection, and other functions, Suitable for a variety of motors, suitable for a variety of loads.

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Different Models of HIVERT HC4 General Medium Voltage Drive

Composition of HIVERT HC4 General Medium Voltage Drive

Composition of HIVERT HC4 General Medium Voltage Drive Composition of HIVERT HC4 General Medium Voltage Drive

Principle of HIVERT HC4 General Medium Voltage Drive

HIVERT Main Circuit Diagram

      The main circuit diagram HIVERT series VFD adopts AC - DC – AC directly connect to the medium voltage mode (medium voltage-medium voltage), the switch components of the main circuit are IGBT. Due to IGBT tolerance, it cannot directly invert the output of 6kV and 10kV, and the technical difficulties such as high switching frequency and high-pressure difficulty cannot be completed directly be in series. The high reliability of HIVERT inverter is based on the mature technology of the VFD.

Principle of HC4 Medium Voltage Drive

Characteristics of HC4 General Medium Voltage Drive

High-quality Variable Frequency Drive

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Hiconics with the newest generation VFD can provide different load types, different current scope of the power cells, which can meet most of the industrial and mining enterprises control requirements.

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