Our VFD & SVG Products are Useful in The Following Industries

Industrial Solutions

Hiconics VFD products can be applied to a wide variety of scenarios, and provide integrated and customized solutions

Industrial Solutions


In the field of high-end manufacturing, Hiconics' VFD can be applied in electricity, metallurgy, petrochemical, mining industry, municipal project, cement, and other manufacturing industries. For example, water-cooled type VFD and the vector control VFD have been successfully applied in the elevator servo system and control system and industrial automation solutions for the big driver.

In the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, Hiconics adopts key techniques such as using EPC project management, EMC contract energy management, the PPP public-private partnership, which is committed to industrial areas, such as comprehensive utilization of resources, promoting the application of photovoltaic power generation system of energy conservation and environmental protection package complete system solutions.

In the field of new energy, Hiconics has become a leader for new energy automotive power train components and intelligent charging station operation. Hiconics have been formed with the domestic several mainstream depot supporting relationship, and have been joint with the institute of the servo motor of Taiwan Jiezhun Technology Co., Ltd and colleges and universities in the northwest to research and develop the permanent magnet synchronous servo motor.

Types of Hiconics VFD Solutions:

Popular Hiconics Inverter Drive

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