Application Of VFD In Metallurgy

Application Of VFD In Metallurgy

Application Of VFD In Metallurgy

How to improve iron-making and the level of steel-making effectively and continuously is always a topic facing every iron and steel enterprise. In the future, only those who could realize a high-efficiency, energy-saving, and clean production can make itself a place in the fiercely competitive market. VFDs can assist enterprises to achieve more efficient, energy-saving and plot production.

Hiconics in metallurgy and technology process

In each process of steel-making production, the application of Hiconics's frequency conversion transformation of medium-voltage motors can achieve significant effects of energy saving and emission reduction, such as: coking, sintering, iron-making blast furnace, steel-making electric furnace, dust removal fan, ventilator in refining furnace, Gas blower, water supply pump.

Hiconics has empowered the transformation in metallurgy

The Medium Voltage Drive can control the induced air volume of the fan according to the various stages of the smelting process, reduce the heat loss of the electric furnace, and indirectly save energy. According to statistical data, after the use of VFDs, the average power-saving rate of the equipment reaches 26%, which reduces smelting costs and at the same time reduces environmental pollution, which brings huge comprehensive benefits to steel production and operation.

In August 2010, Hiconics's 11kV/7700kW VFD was successfully put into operation in Indian Birla Copper Corporation’s smelter and refinery, which owns 250,000 tons annual output. Until now, it has operated stably in a harsh environment with 95% air humidity and acid corrosive gas which seriously exceed standard. This VFD is about 12 meters, which power level was the highest one in the world at that time.

More options

In addition to general-purpose medium voltage inverters, in the steel plant, we will also provide you with more choices of customized modules and more suitable solutions depending on our experiences.

Popular Hiconics Inverter Drive

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