Hiconics VFD FAQ


When will you pay the price of goods?

30% T/T advance, 70% before delivery

How will we pack your goods?

For nationwide transportation, Hiconics supply the wooden package suitable for land shipment (truck transportation) to buyer's appointed location.

For shipment by sea, Hiconics supply the package suitable for marine shipment.

When will we dispatch your goods?

Drawing for approval can be provided 15-30 days after receipt of an order.

Delivery will be ready within 45 days after receipt of the deposit (except for the legal Chinese holidays).

What is the charging standard of the commission?

The travel expense and accommodation for the on-site commissioning will be borne by the Buyer. The on-site technical service is free of charge within 5 working days. For the extra stay on the site, the extra service cost at USD300/per day will be borne by the Buyer. The on-site training will be included in the commissioning.

How can you store goods?

The VFD should be stored in dry, well ventilation, air conditioning or keep the room at the temperature 25 °C.

How long can you enjoy the warranty service?

18 months from the date of delivery in China/ or 12 months from the date of acceptance test in the site, whichever occur first.

When can you do factory acceptance test?

Available after VFDs are ready, 15 days' notice in advance, Travel and accommodation expenses will be borne by the customer.

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