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The company conducts regular management training on management and middle level cadres; Customized training for quality inspectors to conduct industry standards and inspection specifications; the actual operator must pass the examination of written examination, oral test and actual operation ability before the operator is on duty. High-voltage operators must be trained outside of the commission and strictly carry out employment with certificates.

Hiconics always focuses on the field of energy conservation and emission reduction, adheres to the enterprise spirit of "quality, innovation, efficiency and win-win", adheres to the enterprise mission of "green technology for the benefit of mankind". Hiconics will develop itself bases on Beijing, radiate the whole country, and explore global market. Hiconics will continuously improve energy utilization efficiency, and establish a developing plan with Hiconics’ characteristics.

Hiconics serve users and society with high-quality products in good faith, repay investors with good business performance, attract and gather high-quality talents with modern corporate governance structure and pay attention to personal career, and build a harmonious staff team with the attitude of both way selection, mutual trust and mutual responsibility. Hiconics is striving to build a "high-quality enterprise" with innovation and integrity - high-quality products, capable team and lean manufacturing.

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