Medium Voltage Drive

Medium Voltage Drive

Hiconics provides HV series, HC series, HPM series, and HVAC series for diverse demands of different industries, these VFDs provide different load types and power units which adopts different current ranges.


Medium Voltage Drive By Models

Medium Voltage Drive By Applications

HIVERT HC4 General Medium Voltage Drive

Hiconics's mv drive has new cabinet type, power-cell structure, smaller volume.

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Air-cooled (HC4)
HIVERT HV4 General Medium Voltage Drive

Widely used in power, mining, petrochemical, metallurgy, cement, municipal fields.

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Air-cooled (HV4)
HIVERT HVAC Special Medium Voltage Drive

Widely used in heating and ventilation equipment such as buildings and central AC.

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HIVERT Four-quadrant Medium Voltage Drive

It consists of power cell, phase shift transformer, and control system.

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HIVERT Four-quadrant
HPM (HIVERT Medium Voltage Permanent Magnet Drive)

Especially for permanent magnet synchronous motors. Used in building materials.

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HIVERT Water-cooled Medium Voltage Drive

Hiconics is the 1st water-cooled VFD manufacturer in China.

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Hivert Water-cooled
What Is Medium Voltage Used For?

What Is
Medium Voltage Used For?

Medium-voltage cabels' common application is maintenance and repairs.Such as providing scheduled downtime maintenance for substations or to conduct repairs damages caused by a storm.

Medium voltage VFD can be applied in several industries,such as metallurgical field, petrochemical field, power generation field,mining industry, constructional materials industry, textile industry, etc.

How Do You Measure Drive Voltage?

First, we should measure the dc bus voltage through a motor drive analyzer or digital multimeter.

How Do You Measure Drive Voltage?

Second, we should measure voltage and unbalance by a motor drive analyzer with a V PWM function connected between the three motor terminals.

How Do You Measure Drive Voltage?

Third, we will measure current unbalance by a motor drive analyzer with a current clamp on all three drive output terminals separately. 

How Do You Measure Drive Voltage?

Then, we will adopt digital multimeter and current clamp to measure the ratio of voltage to frequency. 


Why Choose Hiconics Medium Voltage Drive?

Compared to other products, Hiconics's medium voltage drive has following highlights. 

Medium Voltage Drive More Choices

More Choices

We provide variety of options for users based on abundant models with high quality and exquisite appearance. 

Medium Voltage Drive After-sale Service

After-sale Service

Your delivery will be ready within 45 days. The warranty period can be extended up to 5-years.

Medium Voltage Drive Powerful  Functions

Powerful Functions

With our intelligent system and multiple functions, Hiconics could meet the most of your requirements.

Medium Voltage Drive Customization


The modules of our VFDs are extendable and can be customized according to real requirements.

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