Low Voltage Drive

Low Voltage Drive

Based on smaller current range and differentiated scenarios, we provide you with low voltage drives in accordance with your preferred needs.


Hiconics Low Voltage Drive Types

What Is Low Voltage Drive Used For?

What Is Low Voltage Drive Used For?

To improve the energy efficiency of your process, increase productivity, and cut maintenance costs, Hiconics low voltage drive could be your optimized choice.

Our LV drives are widely used in fans and pumps of petrochemicals, air compressors, extruders, CNC machine tools, lifting, textile, plastic, woodworking, ceramic, stone, test bench, power supply, and other industries.

Why Choose Hiconics Low Voltage Drive?

Compared to other products, Hiconics's low voltage drive has the following highlights. 

Low Voltage Drive More Choices

More Choices

We provide you with a wide range of LV model selections with fast delivery and 24/7 customer assistance.

Low Voltage Drive After-sale Service

After-sale Service

For those drives less than 130kW, the delivery will be ready within 3 days. The warranty period can be extended to 5-years.

Low Voltage Drive Powerful Performance

Powerful Performance

With efficient, reliable, and stable performance and portable usability, our LV drives could meet the requirements of various industries.

Low Voltage Drive Customization


Based on differentiated current range, our low voltage drives can be trailored according to your requirements.

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