HPM (HIVERT Medium Voltage Permanent Magnet Drive)
High-voltage Permanent Magnet Drive

HPM (HIVERT Medium Voltage Permanent Magnet Drive)

Hiconics HPM drive originates from Italy. Hiconics's HPM's hardware is compatible with General Medium Voltage Drive and its software is totally adhere to QESP2016. We have following advantages:

1. Torque self-adaptive start technique

2. Adaptive power control

3. Micro torque working mode

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Different Models of HPM (HIVERT Medium Voltage Permanent Magnet Drive)

Composition of HPM (HIVERT Medium Voltage Permanent Magnet Drive)

Hiconics's HPM (High-voltage Permanent Magnet Drive) is composed of 3 main parts:
1. transformer cabinet 2. power-cell cabinet 3. control system

Composition of HPM (HIVERT Medium Voltage Permanent Magnet Drive)

Main Features of HPM (Medium-voltage Permanent Magnet Drive)

Benchmarking European Quality

Originated from the birthplace of luxury goods in Europe-Italy, with the same origin as SIWA, Ansa and TDE; The hardware is fully compatible with general frequency converters, and the software development fully conforms to the European QESP2016 standard.

Torque Adaptive Start

Smooth start, no forward and reverse jitter phenomenon; the current is automatically optimized according to the torque algorithm to ensure that the current is constant during the start-up process, and the current value is less than the rated current; the acceleration is smooth, and the start S curve is increased adaptively The initial arc reduces the impact on the mechanical transmission equipment.

Power Adaptive Vector Control

The output power factor of the inverter can be set within a relatively wide range; adaptive matching of operating power; adaptive current adjustment according to load power, fast dynamic response; intelligent control, easy debugging and operation.

Unique Rotor Position Identification Algorithm

Does not depend on motor parameters; extracts high-frequency characteristic components of current and voltage; zero error in rotor position identification; identification time <100ms.

HPM (Medium-voltage Permanent Magnet Drive) in Variety of Applications

HIVERT Permanent Magnet Direct Drive Medium Voltage Inverter

      The common point of the three working modes is that the static load is larger and the starting torque is larger; 

      The difference between the three working modes: the cascading type and the centrifugal type have stable loads, and the throwing type has a large load fluctuation.

      HPM medium-voltage inverter control mode for ball mill:

      1. Low-frequency start stage: constant current, torque adaptive start;

      2. mode switching frequency point: smoothly switch from constant current torque adaptive mode to speed vector control mode;

      3. For the three different working modes of the ball mill: cascading, throwing, and centrifugal, multiple sets of speed loop parameters are set to better adapt to load changes.

Principle of HPM (HIVERT Medium Voltage Permanent Magnet Drive)

While there are a number of variations in Hiconics variable frequency drive design; they all offer the same basic functionality which is to convert the incoming electrical supply of fixed frequency and voltage into a variable frequency and variable voltage that is output to the motor with a corresponding change in the motor speed and torque.

Principle of HPM (HIVERT Medium Voltage Permanent Magnet Drive)

High-quality Variable Frequency Drive

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Hiconics with the newest generation VFD can provide different load types, different current scope of the power cells, which can meet most of the industrial and mining enterprises control requirements.

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