Application Of VFD In Petrochemical

Application Of VFD In Petrochemical

Application Of VFD In Petrochemical

The petrochemical plant is one of the highest energy consumption and pollution industries. Hiconics's frequency conversion speed regulation technology has achieved good energy-saving effects, showing that it is an effective way to transform high-energy-consuming industries such as petrochemicals to reduce consumption and increase efficiency.

Hiconics has empowered the transformation in petrochemical area.

In July 2007, Hiconics's 6kV/4000kW (the maximum power at the time) high-power inverter was officially put into production in Russia's Shanovgorod Power Plant, which realized the transformation and upgrade of power from 1800kW to 4000kW. The inverter is still running well so far. Up to now, Hiconics's VFDs have a market share of up to 50%, involving petroleum, chemical, thermal power and other fields, occupying "half of the country" in Russia's medium-voltage inverter market.

In August 2011, Hiconics's 10kV/4000kW VFD was successfully put into operation in a North Korean chemical plant. This project adopts a 4000kW VFD to drive a 10000kW electric motor under a harsh power grid environment with 25% frequency fluctuation and 30% maximum voltage fluctuation. It aims to achieve variable frequency soft start of large synchronous electric motor.

Writing the future of higher level of automation and energy saving in petrochemical area.

Practice has proved that the application of Hiconics's medium voltage frequency converter is an advanced and scientific control method. Our VFDs can accurately and automatically adjust the output frequency and speed of the motor according to the process load, maintain constant water pressure and wind pressure, and meet the pressure required by the process system of the production device. When the motor runs at 80% of the rated speed, the energy-saving efficiency can reach 40%. It can also realize soft start and soft stop of large motors, avoid the voltage impact on the power system when the motor starts, reduce the operating current, not only reduce the failure rate of the motor, pump and valve equipment, but also extend its use It has a long life, and the effect of saving electric energy is remarkable, thus realizing the economic operation of motors, fans, and pumps.

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