10kV/1000~30000kW Water-cooled Medium Voltage Drive
10kV/1000~30000kW Water-cooled Medium Voltage Drive

10kV/1000~30000kW Water-cooled Medium Voltage Drive

Whatever your industry is, Hiconics's medium voltage drive could be an all-rounder to control your standard applications and optimize your processes. Tailor the drive to your specific application by selecting from an extended choice of pre-engineered options. Extensive versatility makes our VFD suitable for operations in different conditions and environments, even hazardous areas. High reliability in your daily business is ensured by the drive's simple design and robust control platform that has proven itself over many years.

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Technical Parameters of 10kV/1000~30000kW Water-cooled Medium Voltage Drive

VoltageMotor Power(KW)Output Capacity(KVA)ModelWeight
Cabinet Type
10kV10001250HIVERT-Y/T 10/077W97506400×1200×2200LBW2.1
12501600HIVERT-Y/T 10/096W9850
14001800HIVERT-Y/T 10/104W9980
16002000HIVERT-Y/T 10/115W10100
18002250HIVERT-Y/T 10/130W11200
20002500HIVERT-Y/T 10/154W91907500×1200×2300LBW3.1
22502800HIVERT-Y/T 10/165W9620
25003200HIVERT-Y/T 10/192W10030
28003500HIVERT-Y/T 10/205W10540
32004000HIVERT-Y/T 10/243W11140
36004500HIVERT-Y/T 10/260W141709920×1400/1600×2400LBW4.1
40005000HIVERT-Y/T 10/304W14670
45005650HIVERT-Y/T 10/325W15320
50006300HIVERT-Y/T 10/364W15930
55007000HIVERT-Y/T 10/400W16850
63008000HIVERT-Y/T 10/462W2001011350×1600×2400/2800LBW5.1
71009000HIVERT-Y/T 10/500W21010
800010000HIVERT-Y/T 10/600W22010
1000012500HIVERT-Y/T 10/800W3444011850×1600×2400/2800LBW6.1
1250015600HIVERT-Y/T 10/1000W4450016100×1800×2400/2800LBW7.1
1600020000HIVERT-Y/T 10/1250W

2000025000HIVERT-Y/T 10/1445W

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Specification of 10kV/1000~30000kW Water-cooled Medium Voltage Drive

VFD rated power210~28000kVA※
Rated voltage3.3kV~11kV(-20%~+5%)※(Out of range, special instructions required)
Rated Frequency50Hz/60Hz(-10%~+10%)※
Control Power380VAC, 30kVA
Rated input power factor≥0.96
Output frequency range0~80Hz※
Speed accuracy±0.5%(Open loop vector) ±0.1%(close loop vector)
Instantaneous over-current protection150%( Can be customized according to user requirements)
Over capacity120% load for 120s
Torque limitation10%~150%
Analog input3 ways 4~20mA/Excitation feedback 4~20mA(Customized)
Analog output4ways 4~20mA
Host communicationIsolated RS485 interface, ModBus RTU, Profibus DP(optional), Industry Ethernet
Acceleration and deceleration time5s~6000s ( related to load)
DI14 inputs/22 outputs (Output 8 ways can be defined)
Environment temperature-5~+45℃※
Storage/transportation temperature-25~+55℃※
Cooling methordAir forced cooling (AF) / Water cooled (WF)/Air forced water cooled (AFWF)
Humidity<95%, no condensation
Altitude≤1000m, when altitude is higher than 1000m, each 100 meter increasing needs 1%
derating of VFD
DustNon-conductive, no causticity, <6.5mg/dm3※
Protection levelIP30※
Cabinet colorsRAL 7032(customized)

VFD Application Industries and Fields

HIVERT Standard medium voltage VFD series is widely used in various fields in national economy, exported to Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia etc.. Perfect solutions for soft start, speed adjusting, energy saving and intelligent control of medium voltage AC motors (including synchronous and asynchronous motors) could be supplied to customers. Typical application industries are:

Application Of VFD In Cement

Kiln draft fan

Kiln gas blower

Separator fan

Kiln head fan

High temperature fan

Cement mill fan

Dust removal fan

Circulating fan

Grate cooler

Raw material mill fan

Raw material mill

Coal mill

Kiln tail fan

Rotating kilntransmission

Compressive force draftfan

Application Of VFD In Electricity

Powder exhaust fan

Booster fan

Force draft fan

Induced draft fan

Condensation pump

Slurry pump

Water and energy storage pump Circulating water pump

Boiler (feed) pump


Application Of VFD In Municipal

Aeration fan

Induced draft fan

Force draft fan

Force pump

Medium water pump

Sewage pump

Hot water circulating pump

Lifting pump

Cleaning water pump

Water supply pump

Application Of VFD In Metallurgy

Induced draft fan

Secondary de-dusting fan

Force draft fan, Feeding pump

Compressing blower

Blast furnace blower

Blast/ Converter de-dusting fan

Electric furnace de-dusting fan

Sulfur dioxide blower

Slag-flushing pump, Mud pump

De-scaling pump

Water-delivery pump

Phosphorus removal pump

Gas compression pump

Kneading machine

Oxygen compressor

Coal Mines & Minerals
Application Of VFD In Coal Mines & Minerals


De-dusting fan

Main fan

Axial flow fan

De-scaling pump

Mud pump

Slurry pump

Clean water pump

Feeding pump

Stirring pump

Agitating pump

Drainage pump

Medium pump

Band conveyor


Application Of VFD In Petrochemical

Booster fan

Induced draft fan

Pipeline transportation


Water injection pump

Feed water pump

Submerged pump

Oil transfer pump

Brine pump

Circulating water pump


Application Of VFD In Other Industries

Pump test stand

Inverter power supply test stand

Motor test stand

Wind tunnel test

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