HEC-S B 5K Residential Energy Storage System
HEC-T Residential Storage System

HEC-S B 5K Residential Energy Storage System

Hiconics's HEC-T Home battery storage split phase model has following features: Systematic design, in-depth optimization and seamless connection with Hiconics Hybrid inverter; Better stability: Safest type of LifePO battery, an adoption of high-performance processors, international brand devices; Unique battery heating technology, which is capable to work at low temperature; Long life cycle, more than 6000 times; Safety Cert. : TUV, CE, UL, UN38.3, and so on; Remote fault diagnosis, upgrade, and maintenance; Auto power replenishment technology is adopted to prevent battery over-discharge; Multiple communication interfaces: RS485, CAN.

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Technical Parameters of HEC-S 5K Residential Storage System

Battery Model  HEC-S 5K
Battery typeLFP (LiFePO4)
System Weight57KG
Dimension (W x D x H)540*530*240mm
IP ProtectionIP65
Warranty5 Year Product Warranty
Energy Capacity5.12kWh
Usable Capacity4.6kWh
Depth of Discharge (DoD)90%
Rated Voltage48V
Operating Voltage Range44.8-56.5V
Internal Resistance<20m
Cycle Life10000cycle
Max. Charge/Discharge Current50A/80A
Rated DC power4096W
Max. Charge/Discharge Power2825W/4096W
Operating Temperature Range0 to 50℃ charging
-10 to 50℃ discharging
Humidity0~95% (No condensation)
Modules ConnectionMax. 4
Power Consumption<2W
CommunicationCAN & RS485
Monitoring ParametersSystem voltage, current, cell voltage, cell
temperature, PCBA temperature measurement
Safety(Cell)Pack: IEC/EN 62619; UN38.3
Cell: IEC/EN 62619; UN38.3; UL1973

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