MINERGY Series Residential Energy Storage System
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MINERGY Series Residential Energy Storage System

Hiconics's MINERGY Series is an Intelligent all-in-one home energy storage system (with LFP battery), especially for Europe. Our MINERGY Series model has the following strengths: Safety- CATL LFP Battery, IP65; Simple- Plug and play, 30 min quick installation; Interconnection- Global cloud platform & Mobile APP.

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Technical Parameters of MINERGY Series Residential Storage System

Hybrid Inverter Model   HEC-S 5K
PV String Input
Max. DC Voltage580V
Nominal Voltage400V
MPPT Voltage Range80V-560V
Start Voltage130V
Number of MPP Tracker2
Strings Per MPP Tracker1
Max. Input Current Per MPPT15A
Max. Short-circuit Current Per MPPT18A
AC Output (Grid)
Nominal AC Output Power5000W
Max. AC Apparent Power7360VA (from grid)
Max. AC Output Power5000W1
Nominal AC Voltage230Vac
AC Grid Frequency Range50 / 60Hz±5Hz
Max. Output Current22A2
Max. Input Current32A
Power Factor (cos)0.8leading-0.8lagging
Battery Input
Battery TypeLFP (LiFePO4)
Nominal Battery Voltage48V
Charging Voltage Range40V-60V
Max. Charging Current100A
Max. Discharging Current100A
Battery Capacity100Ah-400Ah
Charging Strategy for Li-ion BatteryDepend on the BMS
AC Output (Backup)
Max. Output Apparent Power5000VA
Peak Output Apparent Power6900VA 10sec
Max. Output Current20A
Nominal Output Voltage230V
Nominal Output Frequency50Hz/60Hz
Output THDv (@Linear Load)<3%(Linear Load)
Max. PV Efficiency97.60%
Euro. PV Efficiency97.00%
DC SwitchBipolar DC Switch (125A/Pole)
Anti-islanding ProtectionYes
Output Over CurrentYes
DC Reverse Polarity ProtectionYes
String Fault DetectionYes
AC/DC Surge ProtectionDC Type II; AC Type III
Insulation DetectionYes
AC Short Circuit ProtectionYes
General Specifications
Dimensions (W x H x D)540*610*250mm
Operating Temperature Range-25~+60ºC
Noise (dB)<25
Cooling TypeNatural Convection
Max. Operation Altitude2000m
Operation Humidity0~95% (No Condensation)
IP ClassIP65
TopologyBattery Isolation

*1. Nominal AC output power is 4999W for Australia and 4600W for Germany and South Africa.

*2. Maximum output current is 21.7A for Australia and 20A for Germany and South Africa.

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