HiEnergy-S Series Residential Energy Storage System
hienergy series residential energy storage system2

HiEnergy-S Series Residential Energy Storage System

Hiconics HiEnergy Series Single-phase All-in-one energy storage system covers 5kW/5kWh~ 5kW/30kWh with high voltage battery module.

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Technical DataHEC2-S3.8Hr2HEC2-S5.0Hr2HEC2-S6.0Hr2
PV Input
Max.PV array power[W]3750/37503750/37503750/3750
Max.DC voltage[V]600
Nominal DC operating voltage[V]360
MPP voltage range[V]100-480
MPP voltage range for nominal power[V]136-480176-480210-480
Start up voltage[V]120
Max.input current(A/B)[A]15/15
Max.short circuit current(A/B)[A]18/18
No.of MPP tracks/String per MPP trackers2/1
BAT Side
Battery voltage range[V]85-400
Battery voltage range for nominal power[V]162-400210-400250-400
Recommended battery voltage[V]300
Max.charge/discharge current[A]*225/25
Communication interfacesRS485/CAN
Reverse connect protectionYes
AC Grid Side(On-grid)
Nominal AC output power[W]38005000*16000*1
Max.Output Power(W)38005000*16000*1
Nominal grid voltage[V] / Grid Voltage Range[V]230/220  /  180-280
Nominal grid frequency[Hz]50/60
AC Grid Frequency Range (Hz)45-65
Max. output AC current to Utility Grid[A]16.521.826.1
Max. AC Current From Utility Grid (A)16.521.826.1
Max.output overcurrent protection[A]20.6@10sec27.2@10sec32.6@10sec
Max.output fault peak current[A]32.5@0.1ms43@0.1ms52@0.1ms
Inrush Peak current[A]65@5us
Power factor~1 (Adjustable from 0.8 leading to 0.8 lagging)
I.THD[%]<3@Rated power
EPS Side
Back-up Nominal Apparent Power(VA)380050006000
Nominal power[W]380050006000
Nominal output voltage[V]230(±2%)
Nominal output frequency[Hz]50/60(±0.2%)
Max.output current[A]16.521.826.1
Max.output overcurrent protection[A]20.6@10S27.2@10S32.6@10S
Max.output fault peak current[A]32.5@0.2mS43@0.2mS52@0.2mS
Inrush peak Current(A)65@5uS65@5uS65@5uS
Changeover time[ms]<20
Switching from Grid Connected
Mode to Standalone Mode[ms]
Switching from standalone mode to
network connected mode[s]
Output THD[%]<3@Linear Load
MPPT efficiency[%]99.9
Euro efficiency[%]97.02
Battery charge/discharge efficiency[%]97.6(PV-BAT),96.5(BAT-AC)
Ingress protectionIP65
Protection classClass Ⅰ
Pollution degreePD3
Over voltage categoryⅢ(MAINS),Ⅱ(DC)
Operating temperature range[℃]-20~+60(derating at +45)
Max.operation altitude[m]<2000
Clooling MethodNatural  Convection
User InterfaceLED,APP
Communication methodCAN/RS485/WLAN
Typical noise emission[dB]<40
Self-consumption at Night (W)<15
Storage Temperature (℃)-40~+85
ComplianceIEC/EN 62109-1&2, IEC62477,IEC61000-6-1, IEC61000-6-3,IEC60529,IEC60068,IEC61683,EN50549-1,G99,CEI021,VDE4105,AS4777.2
*1:The grid feed in power for VDE4105 is limited 4600VA;
*2:Battery charging current is limited 25A and power is limited 6000W.

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