HEC2-BHP100r2 Series Residential Energy Storage System
hienergy series residential energy storage system2

HEC2-BHP100r2 Series Residential Energy Storage System

Hiconics HiEnergy Series Single-phase All-in-one energy storage system covers 5kW/5kWh~ 5kW/30kWh with high voltage battery module.

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Nominal Voltage [V]204.8
Operating Voltage [V]180-232
Battery TypeLFP (Li-ion)
Nominal Capacity [kWh]5.1
Usable Capacity [kWh]4.6
Faradic Charge Efficiency [%]99
Battery Roundtrip Efficiency [%]95
Max Power [kW]5
Recommend Charge/Discharge Current [A]25
Max Charge/Discharge Current [A]50
Cycle Life [90% DOD]>6000 Cycles

Available Operating Temperature Range [ C]-20 to 50
Humidity [%]0 to 95
Altitude [m]Below 2000

System to InverterCAN2.0
Battery to Battery/BMSDaisy Chain
Data Collection Port /FW UPDATERS485
Master Control Capacity Indicator5 LED (20%,40%,60%,80%,100%)
System status indication3 LED
Switch ON/OFFButton*1 + Breaker*1

Hazardous Materials ClassificationClass 9
Transport Testing RequirementUN38.3

Dimension(L*W*H) [mm]800*150*160mm(HEC-MP00r2)
Weight [kg]15(HEC-MP00r2)
Anti-isolated island protectionSupport
Photovoltaic input reversal protectionSupport
Battery input reversal protectionSupport
Insulation impedance detectionSupport
Residual current detectionSupport
PV input over-voltage, over-current and over-powerSupport
Battery input overvoltage, overcurrent and overpowerSupport
AC output input over-voltage, over-current and over-powerSupport
Over temperature protectionSupport
Wave-by-wave current limitingSupport
Baseline power failure protectionSupport

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