HCS Static VAR Generator
HISVG-X Static VAR Generator

HK Medium-voltage SVG (Static VAR Generator)

Static Var Generator (SVG) also known as active power factor compensators (APFC) or instantaneous stepless reactive power compensators are the ultimate answer to power quality problems caused by low power factor and reactive power demand for a wide range of segments and applications. 

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Different Models of HK High-voltage SVG (Static VAR Generator)

Composition of HK High-voltage SVG (Static VAR Generator)

HISVG is composed of following parts:

Principle of HK High-voltage SVG (Static VAR Generator)

HISVG realizes dynamic reactive power compensation, harmonic current compensation and unbalanced current compensation based on the principle of active current control, avoiding the series shortcomings of traditional SVC or FC. The cost performance of HISVG is far superior to traditional SVC or FC compensation.

Principle of HK High-voltage SVG (Static VAR Generator)

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Popular Hiconics Inverter Drive & ESS

Hiconics with the newest generation VFD can provide different load types, different current scope of the power cells, which can meet most of the industrial and mining enterprises control requirements.

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