What Should I Pay Attention to when Choosing a Variable Frequency Drive?

1. The reasons for the choice of variable frequency drive

A variable frequency drive is an electronic device that controls the speed of an AC induction motor. Controlling the speed of electric motors used in industry has always been useful. Almost every process that uses a motor will benefit from speed control. Not only are processes generally improved, but in many cases (particularly pumps and fans) these are considerable energy savings. So why use a variable frequency drive? Why choose driver selection?

The reasons for the choice of variable frequency drive are that the variable frequency drive can reduce the energy consumed by the motor and thus achieve energy saving; we can achieve the required power factor; it can provide protection against high inrush currents; it can increase or decrease the processing speed for better The power supply problem will be limited; the efficiency of the motor can be increased, and the stress of the motor can be reduced; it will only use the required energy; soft start can be achieved by using a variable frequency drive. Hiconics is the leading variable frequency drive distributor.

2. How to choose a variable frequency drive?

In order to choose a variable frequency drive to control the motor, how should the variable frequency drive be selected? We first need to understand the motor and system. The motor details can be known by looking at the motor nameplate and then we can know some details about the motor such as horsepower, voltage, RPM, etc. We also had to gather some details about the system, such as the type of load, like whether it had constant torque or variable torque. Speed range and control method. So by gathering all these details, we can easily choose from different variable frequency drive types. The load horsepower must be known so that we can choose a variable frequency drive that is compatible with it. By using variable frequency drives, we can change the speed to operate at different speeds, which can cause mechanical resonance in the drive equipment. Sometimes variable frequency drives generate harmonic currents that can seriously affect the operation of power distribution systems and equipment.

We should compare the full load current of the motor with the variable frequency drive we have chosen for the installation. We have to choose the variable frequency drive according to the voltage of the motor, which is really a difficult task. When making a variable frequency drive selection, we must also consider the load, which can be variable torque or constant torque. By using a variable frequency drive, we can vary the motor speed, so when doing this, the motor must not run below 20% of its maximum allowed speed.

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