Commercial Energy Storage System

Commercial Energy Storage System

Hiconics Commercial Battery storage solutions for C&I customers can lower utility bills and provide resilience with backup power. When paired with solar PV and other distributed energy resources, our energy storage will provide your business tremendous flexibility and control over managing energy use and costs.


Commercial Energy Storage System Types

Hiconics C&I Ess Will Be The Power To Control Energy

Hiconics C&I Ess Will Be The Power To Control Energy

Hiconics C&I ESS which contains batteries, PCS, fire protection, air conditioning and corresponding power distribution, monitoring, video, etc. As an independent unit, this product can be independently connected to the power grid to realize energy transmission and storage, or multiple units can be used at the same time to form a larger-scale energy storage system.

The top of the container can be optionally installed with photovoltaic modules according to the actual installation location conditions of the user, and the photovoltaic discoveries are used for auxiliary power supply of the energy storage system, so as to reduce the power consumption of the grid, improve the overall efficiency of the system, and increase the benefits of energy storage applications.

Why Choose Hiconics C&I Energy Storage System?

Commercial Energy Storage System Economic Value

Economic Value

Our C&I ESS can maximize PV consumption, realize peak and valley arbitrage, dynamic capacity expansion and minimize fuel consumption.

Commercial Energy Storage System Safety Value

Safety Value

It can be used as a backup power supply and power supply quality improvement device, to ensure the normal power consumption of the equipment.

Commercial Energy Storage System Brilliant Performance

Brilliant Performance

Distributed and modular design, standardized production procedure, and reliable battery quality.

Stable, Intergrated Solution, Alliance

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