Jinneng Power's Electric Water Feeding Pump Retrofit Project By Using Two HIVERT 6kv 4500kva (AFWF)

On October 30, the 2*300MW circulating fluidized bed direct air cooling unit (cogeneration of heat and power) of Shanxi Guojin Coal Power Co., LTD., Jinneng Electric Power Holding Group, and the conversion transformation project of electric feed water pump of Unit 2, 21 and 23, was officially completed. This project adopts the innovative technical renovation scheme of "construction without stopping", which creates the first transformation project of the electric feed pump without stopping converter in the power industry of China's frequency conversion industry, and sets a model in the frequency conversion industry of China.

Hiconics's VFD And Shanxin Guojin

Shanxi Guojin Coal Power Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Guojin Coal Power") of Jinneng Power Holding Group is equipped with two 300MW circulating fluidized bed direct air cooling units (cogeneration of heat and power) with a total capacity of 600MW. The single machine water supply system is equipped with three 35%MCR capacity electric feed pumps, which operate in parallel and with hydraulic couplers for speed regulation. The power consumption rate of electric feed water pump accounts for 3% of the power consumption, and the energy consumption is high.

At the end of the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the power plant responded to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction. After the preliminary feasibility study and demonstration, the plant decided to install one 6KV/4500KVA air-water-cooled VFD of Hiconics for each of the 21 and 23 electric feeders in unit 2. The original 22 electric feeders would not be modified and the power frequency would be reserved to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.

In order to ensure that the power plant starts heating before the two VFDs are fully operational, After field investigation, Hiconics and Guojin Coal-power set a high efficient and practical construction plan, the innovation of the "non-stop" construction scheme of reformation are put forward: the ensure power plant unit 2 of the 3 electric feed water pump in the normal operation of the electric pump is 2, under the condition of high-efficiency construction transformation service 21 electric feed water pump; After the first frequency converter is successfully put into operation on site, the construction, and transformation of the no. 23 electric feed water pump which is out of service shall be carried out timely to ensure that the frequency conversion transformation of the electric feed water pump of unit 2 of the power plant will be completed within the given time node.

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Hiconics AC VVVF

Hiconics's VFD Working

Hiconics's VFD AC VVVF Drive

The whole reconstruction process of the project is difficult and risky. The project team of Hiconics always makes great efforts to complete tasks with high efficiency and high quality. The modified electric feed water pump can still meet the requirements of automatic water supply control under any load under the operation condition of one variable operation and two variable operations, and the control effect is better than that at power frequency.

The conversion and energy-saving renovation project of the electric feed water pump of Unit 2 of Guojin Coal Power Co., LTD lasted 30 days from the start of civil construction to the smooth operation of equipment. Since the field converter was put into operation, the operation indexes of the electric feed water pump after modification have all met the requirements of efficient operation of Unit 2. According to the test data of the control room of the power plant, since the frequency conversion transformation of the electric feed pump of unit 2 was put into operation, the power saving rate of the electric feed pump reached 24-27%, the power consumption rate of the plant decreased by 0.6%, and the energy-saving effect exceeded expectations.

Service is the key factor of communication between enterprises and customers. Over the years, Hiconics always stands in the perspective of the user and tries its best to solve all the problems encountered by the customer and solve the equipment problems for the customer in the first instance, so as to ensure smooth production. With Hiconics's expertise in VFD and automation, Guojin Coal-power has achieved significant improvement in quality control, efficient operation, safety, and reliability, providing a solid guarantee for the power plant to realize energy conservation and emission reduction.

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