Hiconics VFD and Shanghai Carrier Water Chilling Unit Successfully Debugged at One Time

The Hiconics Mv Drive Drove The Chiller

The load of the inverter in this project is the chiller provided by Shanghai Carrier. The water-cooled unit is composed of a closed motor, a compressor and a transmission mechanism.

Hiconics VFD & Water Chilling Unit

Based on the customer's on-site working conditions and the parameters of the chiller, we selected the fourth generation VFD – HIVERT-Y 4.16KV/243A for the customer. 

Main parameters: 

rated capacity 2000KVA, rated voltage 4.16KV, rated current 243A, frequency 0- 60Hz

The control mode is V/F control. The inverter consists of a phase-shifting transformer, 12 power unit modules and a set of control systems. The cable entry mode is top-in and top-out. 

Provided ISM module control, the ISM module is connected by communication to the remote control panel located on the chiller.

VFD ISM Control Unit

On March 7, 2022, witnessed by the Saudi customer's video, the Hiconics MV Drive drove the chiller to start successfully at one time, and tested the operation of the inverter under 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% load conditions respectively. The test results are very satisfactory to customers. A total of three inverters in this project will be sent to the final customer site in Saudi Arabia for installation and commissioning in April 2022.

The success of this joint test is another typical case of the application of Hiconics VFDs in the HVAC industry, and it is also a major breakthrough of our VFD in the Middle East market.

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