Hiconics supports KUKA to reach milestone in its Green Power Factory implementation


It includes a number of comprehensive energy facilities such as PV green power, new energy charging piles, and smart energy management systems. Hiconics of Midea Industrial Technology worked as the general contractor of the project and delivered KUKA with entire life-cycle services from project planning, design and integration, construction and delivery, electricity sales transactions, to operations and maintenance. Wang Jinliang, Vice President of Midea Group, Luo Shu, Vice President of GLP Group, Ning Yu, General Manager of Hiconics Eco-energy Technology Co., Ltd., and Chen Feng, Director of Operations and Human Resources of KUKA China, attended the Grid-Connection Celebration of KUKA Robotics Green Power Factory, and had discussions on the following comprehensive strategic cooperation.

As China moves forward steadily with the "Carbon Peak”, “Carbon Neutral" strategies and accelerates its energy system transformation to be clean, low-carbon, secured and efficient, it is important to increase the ratio of new energy in the new power system – especially clean energy represented by photovoltaics. KUKA Robotics’ Green Power Factory has achieved installed capacity of 2.54MW through the Phase I Rooftop PV project delivered by Hiconics Eco-Energy, with power generation of 2.794 million kWh/year and an annual reduction in carbon emission of 1704.34 tons.

The project is expected to complete and connect to the grid at full capacity by June 2023:


Starting construction on May 27, 2022, the KUKA Robotics Green Power Factory uses its rooftop resources for the construction of Distributed Photovoltaic Power plants adopting the mode of "self-generation and self-use, surplus power for the grid".

To make sure the project can successfully connect to the grid in two months’ time, Hiconics helped KUKA overcome challenges such as the rainy season, heavy traffic flow, and limited time and locations for hoisting.


Hiconics Eco-energy will continue to provide photovoltaic engineering and construction services for KUKA as it develops its base in Shunde, Guangdong. We will also continue to drive the adoption and implementation of photovoltaic and energy storage products and solutions in industrial fields and leverage our best practices in green energy to support enterprises on "low cost, low risk, low carbon emissions" power initiatives, increase ratio of green power in industrial parks, and make a bigger impact as China moves along with its carbon targets and green and sustainable initiatives.

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